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Why Should Your Business Be On Facebook?

You may have heard about this social media network, Facebook... Along with 1.7 BILLION of your friends across the globe. That's right, Facebook is reaching nearly 2 billion users. What does that mean for you?

Small Pueblo Businesses Prosper

While you may not be interested in reaching billions of people, your business could benefit from reaching the right people - all business do. Small businesses can leverage the ability to target and segment their audience on Facebook to keep their advertising budget small. In Pueblo alone there are over 85k active users on Facebook.

Engage Your Customers

The most basic benefit to using Facebook or any social media platform is to engage your customers, to keep your business relevant and top of mind. By having a business profile page on Facebook, and attracting your customers to connect to it then using it to post updates often will make sure your customers don't forget about you. There is zero cost to posting on your page and communicating to your followers when you manage it in-house.

Market Blitz offers affordable social media management packages so that you can focus on your day to day business activities and leave the marketing of it to the pros! Contact me for pricing.

Attract New Customers for Free

Use Facebook to attract new customers. Using the power of the social network and posting relevant, interesting and share-worthy content can get your (free) posts seen by the friends of your followers. It is the equivalent to word of mouth or referrals. We also call this "Social Relevance". Most people don't want to have to do the work of researching a new business and tend to not think twice about doing business with a company that was recommended by a friend or acquaintance. This translates into what or who they see their Facebook friends interacting with online. If potential customers do the research and find that you have a Facebook page, receive positive reviews, and have followers, you would pass that litmus test and be positioned to earn their business.

Attract New Customers for Cheap

Your organic posting as described above can be a very powerful tactic to market, brand and build your business and a great place to start promoting with no advertising expense. However, it takes time to build. If you want to grow your social platform, or generate leads from people who are not your followers, then paid ads can be used with great efficiency to do just that. I can expertly manage your paid campaigns to help identify the best targets to maximize leads and the right messages so no money is left on the table. If you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of Facebook, utilizing an expert will help you achieve faster results with a smaller investment.

What I really love about paid advertising on Facebook is that you can use any budget to get results. The more you spend the more the results. Notice the distinction between more results and better results. You don't have to spend hundreds or thousands to get good results so it is a space that you can start small and grow from.

Partner With An Expert

Market Blitz offers consulting and support for those that want to manage their social media marketing themselves. A conversation may be all it takes for your to establish a clear direction for your efforts. Or, you may need campaigns to be set up and monitored for you and organic posting scheduled on your behalf. Market Blitz can help you there too with our affordable management packages.

Get A Free Social Review

To help you gain clarity on where you are at and what you should do moving forward, request your free, no-obligation social review. Gain perspective, see where you stand competitively and the steps you need to take to dominate.

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