traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising usually refers to well established mediums like television, cable/satellite, radio, newspaper, billboards and direct mail. In the age of digital advertising, many think that traditional is a thing of the past, however, it should still be part of your advertising mix to grow your business. I have seen instances where an advertiser that eliminates traditional from their advertising mix and the competition gets the upper hand on market share. Don't let this happen to you (unless you are the competition).

Plus, there are many digital alternatives to traditional advertising that can be used in combination with traditional mediums to maximize your reach. 

Traditional advertising still has many benefits and can help drive the success of your business. Every business is unique and each benefits from a different approach to advertising. It is all about strategy, target audience and messaging.


Even in the digital age with streaming television, traditional television, cable & satellite are still relevant advertising mediums. Perhaps not all together, but definitely an important piece of the puzzle in reaching your advertising goals. These mediums can be combined with digital television to maximize the reach of your campaign and add deeper performance data insights to the campaign.

How do you know if television is right for you?

       Click here for a checklist of things to consider when adding a television campaign to your marketing mix.


Radio may be another medium that you question if it is still relevant with all the streaming options available. Do people even listen to the radio anymore? The answer is yes! In radio, you have a lot of options, however there are strategies to maximize the impact of your campaign that take placement and budget into consideration. Again, combining streaming radio with terrestrial radio can maximize the reach so more people are hearing your message.

Are you making your radio campaigns work for you?

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You might be wondering why there is even a newspaper section on this site... Yes, it is true, newspaper readership and deliveries are declining, however, there is still a place for newspaper ads - for the right business trying to reach a specialized audience. While newspapers are becoming obsolete, customers still consume news. Many newspapers offer digital advertising to their subscribers, and often can be a package deal. If your target audience fits, then you should think about newspaper advertising.

How do you know if you should place a newspaper ad?

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Direct mail

Direct mail still has many advantages and can be an effective use of your advertising dollars. It is not for everyone, however. Consumers are always looking for a deal. Use this to your advantage in direct mail. However, you don't have to have an offer to utilize direct mail effectively... The advantage of direct mail is the ability to target. You can target a geographic area, a neighborhood, a business or industry and other life stage events. This is ideal for several businesses and the smart ones leverage it. Direct mail can be costly, so you need to be sure your strategy is sound and returns results.

What makes a great direct mail campaign?

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